Lycia Press Books

Lycia Press, gives ePUB, PDF preparation, Hardcopy Design and Print Services etc. for Scientific Books, and journals.

Lycia Press may give authors advice on publishing in Open Access in order to comply with funding mandates and/or institutional policies and provides extensive editorial support to authors throughout the entirety of the publication process, which we strive to make as efficient, thorough, and as rapid as possible.

All Lycia Press Open Access publications are also published in print and distributed worldwide.

International sales and marketing: Our experienced and dedicated international sales and marketing team will promote your book to a wide range of relevant academic and public institutions, publications, and libraries around the world to ensure the greatest possible exposure. Lycia Press Publication Fees depends on your book size and quality of print.

Copyright: The copyright of an Lycia Press publication remains with the author under the terms of the Creative Commons (CC) licenses. The CC license ensures that authors receive credit for their work and is applicable worldwide.

Lycia Press default license for book mean is Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives (CC BY-NC-ND). This license only allows others to download works and share verbatim copies of them with others as long as they credit the author. Works under this license may not be changed in any way or used commercially. In our experience, authors prefer this license, but upon request we can offer one of the other Creative Commons licenses.

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